3 Shooting Victims, 1 is DOA at the Scene 1718 Silver Maple Rd Effort

At approximately 10:39 pm on December 4th, 2019 Police and EMS were called to 1718 Silver Maple Rd in the Sun Valley Section of Effort, Chestnuhill Township for 3 Gunshot Victims. Upon arrival PSP Fern Ridge cleared the scene and gave the ok for EMS to respond in.

Once EMS arrived on scene they assessed the 3 Victims and one was pronounced dead at the scene and the other two were being transported to LVH-Pocono. EMS did call for 2 Air Medical Helicopters but they all declined due to the weather.

On scene were PSP Fern Ridge, EMS 8-24 (West End Ambulance), EMS 9-25 (St. Luke's EMS) and EMS 18-22 (Suburban EMS).

This is an ongoing story and we will update when we get additional information.

We have found out that is was Dylan Beinert 22 who was killed in the shooting on Silver Maple Rd in Effort, Dylan had attended Pleasant Valley High School and worked at Weis Market.

UPDATE: MCCC advised all EMS units can respond into the scene as per PSP. 2257hrs

UPDATE: EMS 9-25 requested Air medical for two, MCCC advised that MedCom just had multiple declines due to weather they are trying other Air Medical units. 2304hrs

UPDATE: MCCC advised EMS 9-70 that All Air Medical Helicopters declined due to Weather. 2308hrs

UPDATE: EMS advised MCCC that there will be Two Trauma Patients going to LVH-Pocono, 1 DOA. 2309hrs

UPDATE: EMS 8-24 advised MCCC that they are transporting one to LVH-Pocono. 2333hrs

UPDATE: EMS 18-22 is committed with EMS 9-25 & EMS 9-70 and they all are going to LVH-Pocono. 2346hrs

UPDATE: EMS 8-26 asked MCCC to add them to the card, EMS 8-24 contacted them and requested their assistance. 2248hrs

UPDATE: A BOLO has been issued by PSP Fern Ridge, they are looking for a Silver or Grey SUV or Crossover Occupied by 4 people, one is a Black Male wearing a Blue Hoodie and that they believe all are armed, Unknown direction of flight. 0053hrs

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