A Statement from Jarrad Altemose Please Share

Jarrad Altemose  from the Altemose Farm 2195 Altemose Dr Effort, PA

Anyone who wants to donate anything or help or whatever make sure you see bill or Larry or you come to the sons or grandsons these guys are old there not searching for attention or to be handed money they would rather be handed feed shovels pitchforks stuff like that. As of now, we're waiting on insurance.

We're just looking to get the place flowing again and a place to put the hay and for the cows to have a roof over there head. It's really a shame what happened and it hit us hard today that everything can be gone so fast. So I thank everyone for there help and support and share this around so everyone sees it. Thanks.

For those that do not know the Barn, an outbuilding burned down and the silos damaged. Below is the article of the events that night of the fire.

Fully Involved Barn Fire Altemose Farm Altemose Dr Brodheadsville

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  1. Lisa Hurylovich says:

    Would it help if you had this message sent via WNEP. Maybe they can get this out there to other PA farmers.
    There are many farmers that help other farmers due to a tragedy such as this.

  2. Brenda says:

    Could someone come get some 4×4 last year, 1 cut Orchard grass rounds? I would donate some for cattle. I live in Beech Creek, Pa 16822

  3. Lisa says:

    Ive attached the link to a couple a farm sites on fb. Will let you know of responses.
    I am also going to drive to a few farms in the area to see if they can donate anything.

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