Albrightsville woman sentenced for corrupting minor

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  1. Marion Gaeta says:

    That’s it! I have had enough of this crap!! This amazing woman’s only crime was she was an idopt to not see that this 16 year old boy was a manipulating young man! The stories he told.of his horrible mother and abusive father lead Jennifer to believe he was in need of a family support. This woman opened her this young man. This woman testified in court against his abusive dad. A dad his mom kept sending him back too. This woman practically raised my now 14 year old son and cares for my 1 year old granddaughter. Jennifer you should have went to trial so the truth came out.

  2. Dana Serna says:

    Once again the justice system has failed. What a tragedy!!! Jennifer please please please contact me! Your FRIEND, Dana in Ct

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