Albrightsville woman sentenced for corrupting minor

By Andrew Scott Pocono Record Writer

An Albrightsville woman was sentenced Tuesday to four years of probation after pleading guilty to corrupting a 15-year-old boy and endangering his welfare last year.

Jennifer Campesi, 43, initially was accused of having indecent contact with the boy, but denied any such contact ever took place.

Having no prior criminal record, Campesi said she made two mistakes in this case.

One was responding to the troubled boy's sexually inappropriate emails, as opposed to telling him not to communicate with her in such a manner. The other was letting him stay at her home, where he often visited her daughter, and telling his parents he wasn't there when they came looking for him on one occasion.

The boy was not present at Tuesday's sentencing and had not responded to the Monroe County Probation Office's request for information on how Campesi's actions had impacted him, but his parents were present at the sentencing. Also present were many of Campesi's supporters, who had sent the court letters about her good character prior to the sentencing date.

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Story by the Pocono Record.

2 Responses

  1. Marion Gaeta says:

    That’s it! I have had enough of this crap!! This amazing woman’s only crime was she was an idopt to not see that this 16 year old boy was a manipulating young man! The stories he told.of his horrible mother and abusive father lead Jennifer to believe he was in need of a family support. This woman opened her this young man. This woman testified in court against his abusive dad. A dad his mom kept sending him back too. This woman practically raised my now 14 year old son and cares for my 1 year old granddaughter. Jennifer you should have went to trial so the truth came out.

  2. Dana Serna says:

    Once again the justice system has failed. What a tragedy!!! Jennifer please please please contact me! Your FRIEND, Dana in Ct

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