Delayed Post (10/29/19): Residential Structure Fire – Possible Chimney Fire 104 Acorn Ln Kunkletown

Residential Structure Fire - Possible Chimney Fire - The caller stated there is smoke coming out of the walls and she was advised not to go back in the house, she stated she has cats so she may try to get them.
Stations 35 & 43 / EMS 8-21
104 Acorn Ln Eldo Lake
Kunkletown, Polk Township

UPDATE: 35-7 advised he is arriving on scene working fire from the outside. 2300hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 to all responding units, 2 story contemporary fire on the first floor into the second floor, fire coming out of the skylight. 2301hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 requested an Emergency Disconnect from PP&L. 2305hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 asked 43 OIC is they have the manpower to setup a fill site at the lake, 43-8-1 asked 43-9-1 if they were able to get the engine on the road, 43-9-1 replied they were only able to get the ladder out. 2311hrs

UPDATE: 35- Command advised MCCC that they have a Pole fire also if they can notify PP&L. 2311hrs

UPDATE: 35 Command to 43-9-1 we have the fire knocked down not under control yet we didn't setup the dump tank we are going to be nursing our engines, 43-9-1 replied we have the fill site almost setup. 2320hrs

UPDATE: 43-9-1 advised 35-7 that the fill site is established. 2323hrs

UPDATE: 35 Command advised MCCC that the fire is under control, they will be there awhile overhauling. 2326hrs

UPDATE: 35 command requested MCCC contact the Redcross for two adults. 2330hrs

UPDATE: 35 Command advised MCCC that he has been in contact with the Redcross and PP&L has been on scene. 2357hrs

UPDATE: 35 Command advised MCCC that they can release EMS. 0050hrs

UPDATE: 43 Ladder 1 advised MCCC that Station 43 is clear & available. 0057hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 advised MCCC that command is terminated and Station 35 is clear & available. 0103hrs

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