Fire at Country Glen Townhouses in Chestnuthill (Effort) Video from WNEP, Story by Pocono Record, Video Slideshow by The West End Reporter

Video from WNEP

Additional Photos from us and our readers are below the following story.


No one was injured in a Monday afternoon fire that destroyed a four-family townhouse in Country Glen Townhouses on Country Hill Lane in Chestnuthill Township.

The fire appears to have started outside of an attached garage, said West End Fire Chief John McKeever. What started the fire is unknown, but it doesn't appear suspicious.

"When the first of us arrived on scene, it wasn't that bad, but it progressed quickly due to the strong winds," McKeever said.

Multiple fire companies were called in to help as the fire worsened.

Fire trucks rushed to the scene, leaving to refill tankers with water nearby and then rushing back to continue battling the flames driven by high winds. Ambulances and utility company workers were likewise on scene.

The four-family townhouses are built all on one road ending in a cul-de-sac, where the fire was located. Firefighters kept vehicles and foot traffic away from the cul-de-sac in order to have room to maneuver fire trucks.

The smoke at one point was visible from miles away on Route 115 and Route 209.

"We tried to keep it from getting up into the roof, but it spread quickly," McKeever said. "One good thing is that everyone displaced has somewhere else they can stay."

Community association board member Lydia Shannon tried walking over to get a closer look at the residence on fire, but was kept back by firefighters.

"The roof is pretty much gone," Shannon said as firefighters battled the blaze. "I've been letting everyone in our community know. We're close-knit here and try to look out for each other."

Robert Bowman, his wife and their dog and two cats were living in one of the units affected. Their unit sustained smoke damage.

"These buildings were constructed with fire walls between the units," said Bowman, who has lived there for 20 years. "We know the people living in the other units. One of them moved in just recently.

"I got here as soon as I was notified our building was on fire," he said, standing by his vehicle with his dog inside before his wife arrived in their other vehicle. "If we can't stay there tonight, we'll stay with my son nearby."

Lisa Tasca, who lives in a separate building, called the situation "sad" and "horrible."

"I found out about the fire after I got called at work and was told my son's school bus was being diverted from our road," Tasca said. "When I got here, I went to take a look and saw the damage and all the fire trucks. It's such a shame, especially right before the holidays."

This video Slideshow is of photos taken by The West End Reporter, Linda and Dakota Evans.

Top Video from WNEP-TV, Story from the Pocono Record, Slideshow Video by The West End Reporter

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