Message from the PA State Police for Fourth of July Weekend

Motorists should be aware that over the weekend and Fourth of July holiday there will be increased traffic on Pennsylvania's roadways. During the Fourth of July holiday period, people will be travelling all over the Commonwealth to spend time with their family and friends. Motorists should give themselves plenty of time to get to their destinations safely. When traveling long distances, motorists should utilize rest areas if they are feeling tired and fatigued.

The Pennsylvania State Police remind motorists to be cautious while driving on the roadways over the weekend, especially in areas of heavy traffic congestion and road construction.

The Pennsylvania State Police will have increased patrols on the roadways of this Commonwealth over the Fourth of July holiday period. Troopers will be looking for aggressive drivers as well as seatbelt violations. DUI Patrols will also be conducted across Pennsylvania to remove impaired motorists from the roadways.

The Pennsylvania State Police will be working diligently to make the roadways across the commonwealth safe and remind the motoring public to obey these commonly overlooked Pennsylvania traffic laws.

Keep Right Pass Left -- Pass only on the left and don't stay in the left lane for travel.

Move Right for Approaching Emergency Vehicles -- if an Emergency vehicle is approaching from behind, pull your vehicle to the far-right side of the roadway and stop to allow the Emergency Vehicle to pass. If you are in the oncoming traffic lane, you should pull to the far-right side of the roadway, and stop to allow the Emergency Vehicle to pass.

The Steer Clear Law -- Drivers should move over or slow down for police, emergency responders, road crews and tow-truck operators on the side of the road.

Headlights On, Wipers On -- All vehicles should have their headlights and wipers on when operating in inclement weather.

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