Motor Vehicle Accident Long Mountain Rd & Glenwood Rd Effort

POLK TOWNSHIP: 10:42 pm There is a reported Motor Vehicle Accident at Long Mountain Rd & Glenwood Rd in Effort, One vehicle into a tree the driver has a head injury.

UPDATE: 10:47 pm 35-Portable 4 advised all incoming units that there are 2 patients that are up and walking around.

UPDATE: 10:57 pm 35-7 advised MCCC that they have 2 17 y/o patients that are alert and upright, MCCC advised EMS of the same and they canceled the Air Medical Standby.

UPDATE: 10:59 pm Station 35 Command notified MCCC that Long Mountain Rd will be closed between Arnold Dr and Bear Road.

UPDATE: 11:16 pm 8-26 notified MCCC that they are enroute to LVH-Pocono with the two 17 y/o's.

UPDATE 14:34 am 35-7 notified MCCC that Station 35 Command has been terminated, Station 35 is Clear and Available and that Long Mountain Rd is re-opened.

Polk Township Volunteer Fire Co., West End Ambulance and State Police responding

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