Motorcycle Accident Kunkletown Rd and Barry Ln Kunkletown

ELDRED TOWNSHIP: 11:05 am There is a Motorcycle vs Truck Accident at Kunkletown Rd and Barry Ln in Kunkletown, MCCC has received calls for 2 to 4 Motorcycles involved with multiple injuries. A female is possibly entrapped in the truck.

UPDATE: 11:12 am MCCC advised EMS 8 that one patient may have a leg amputation, EMS 8 requested to put Air Medical on standby.

UPDATE: 11:20 am MCCC advised EMS 8 16 min eta including lift for MedEvac 2 if requested.

UPDATE: 11:29 am EMS Requested MedEvac to Fly, the LZ will be al the Eldred Township Building.

UPDATE: 11:33 am Station 17 Wind Gap EMS dispatched to the MVA.

UPDATE: 11:34 am MCCC notified Station 28 Command that MedEvac 2 is airborne with a 7 minute ETA.

UPDATE: 11:46 am LZ command advised MCCC that MedEvac 2 is on the ground.

UPDATE: 11:51 am EMS 8-22 arrived at the LZ.

UPDATE: 12:06 pm LZ command notified MCCC that MedEvac 2 is in the air and terminating LZ command.

UPDATE: 12:34 pm 28-8 notified MCCC that Station 28 is clear and available.

Kunikletown Volunteer Fire Co, West End Ambulance and State Police responding.

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  1. Janey says:

    Is there any update on this motorcycle accident on Kunkletown Road????

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