Structure Fire 461 Pheasant Rd, Saylorsburg

ROSS TOWNSHIP: 9:39 pm There is a report of a Structure Fire at 461 Pheasant Rd, Saylorsburg, the caller stated that there are flames showing from the garage.

UPDATE: 9:34 pm MCCC reported to Station 23 Fire OIC that they have multiple calls that the dwelling is fully involved, Fire OIC requested Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Co. and Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Co.

UPDATE: 9:40 pm EMS confirms a working fire and that the Garage has collapsed.

UPDATE: 10:07 pm Tunkhannock Township Volunteer Fire Co., requested to send a Tanker to the fire and a Tanker from Towamensing Volunteer Fire.

UPDATE: 00:51 am Fire OIC reports everyone is clear and available.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Shay Seals posted in Monroe County PA. Lost Pets that they cannot find their 2 cats and not sure if they made it out and are asking people to keep an eye out for them. Here is what she posted:

 My boyfriend's house sadly went up in flames tonight. We are missing our two cats and I'm unsure if they made it out.. please everyone keep an eye out for a female tabby named CHLOE and a dark orange male named SIMBA! We are located in SAYLORSBURG around stone hill/weir lake rd. They will most likely be together but could've gotten separated. Chloe is very friendly but a little skiddish and simba is usually skiddish around people. Chloe is smaller than simba but they are both around 2 years old. Simba is chipped and they are both fixed. Please if anyone sees them or anything pm me or comment on this post!!!! please share. The home is gone but if our kitties can be found safe it would shed a little hope on everything. They mean so much to us

UPDATE: Simba has been found, Chloe is still missing and feared that she may not have made it out of the house.

Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder, West End Volunteer Fire Co, Polk Township Volunteer Fire Co, Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Co., Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Co., Tunkhannock Township Volunteer Fire Co., Northampton County Station 36, Carbon County District 9 and West End Ambulance responded.

Photos and Videos by Tina D'Amato


7 Responses

  1. Cheri West says:

    Is everyone out safe? My daughter is there and we’re having a hard time getting answers because she’s upset

  2. Brittany says:

    Yes everyone got out okay besides two kitties . That’s my family’s home 🙁

  3. Cheri West says:

    Is the neighbor who suffered a heart attack OK?

  4. Debbie says:

    I am giving away a sectional sofa and a king size bed if you are interested. Please let me know ASAP. I am moving. And I do have a cat if you are interested in her. Please email me

  5. Brittany says:

    My email is if anyone wanted to donate and I will set up where to drop off. Thank you !

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