Working House Fire 204 Lesh Rd Sciota

We know the Huge family will be in need of Everything if any knows what they will need or someone creates a GoFundMe Campaign please let us know so that we can spread the word.

HAMILTON TOWNSHIP: 09:30 am There are Multiple Calls that the house at 204 Lesh Rd in Sciota is on fire and almost totally involved.

UPDATE: 09:38 am Station 23 OIC reports 3/4 of the house is involved and requesting Station 37 Full response. The caller also states she is hearing gunshots.

UPDATE: 09:41 am Station 23 is requesting MetEd for an Emergency Disconnect.

UPDATE: 09:45 am EMS 83 ALS dispatched to the fire.

UPDATE: 09:47 am MCCC advised 23-7 that MetEd's response time 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

EDITOR NOTE: The gun shots that the caller heard are most likely ammo in the house, the caller is the sister of the homeowner.

UPDATE: 10:33 am MCCC advised Station 23 command that the Salvation Army called in and asked if they need the Canteen out at the fire, Station 23 command said yes.

UPDATE: 11:16 am 37-7 advised MCCC that Station 37 is clear and available from the fire.

UPDATE: 11:29 am Station 27 Tanker advised MCCC that they are clear and available, 27 Engine is still on the scene.

UPDATE: Station 27 OIC advises All Station 27 units are clear and available. 12:51 pm

UPDATE: 23-9 advises all Station 23 units are clear and available 1:11 pm

Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder, West End Volunteer Fire Co., Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Co., Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Co., St. Luke's EMS  and West End Ambulance responding.

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