Working Residential Structure Fire 230 Ridge Ct Chestnuthill Township

Residential Structure Fire - Reported in the attached Garage Flames Showing also 2 Vehicle reported to be on fire - They are evacuating
Stations 43, 35, 23, 27 / EMS 8-21
230 Ridge Ct (Longwood Estates)
Saylorsburg, Chestnuthill Township

UPDATE: 43-9 requested Station 35 Full response. 0401

UPDATE: EMS 8-21 advised MCCC that they are on scene, Fully Involved Dwelling Fire. 0405 EMS 8-21

UPDATE: 43-8 on Scene Confirming Working Dwelling Fire 2 Story Wood Frame Fully Involved. 0406hrs

UPDATE: 43-8-1 requested Tankers from Stations 23 & 27. 0409hrs

UPDATE: 43-8-1 requested Station 23 Brush Truck, there are embers flying all over. 0419hrs

UPDATE: Station 35 is setting up a Fill Site at Heckman's on Rt 115. 0421hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 requested PP&L for an Emergency Disconnect. 0422hrs

UPDATE: 43 Command requested a Brush Truck from Station 27. 0425hrs

UPDATE: MCCC advised 43 Command that PP&L has been notified, they have been notified that there is no Power to that Pole due to an Outage. 0427hrs

UPDATE: 35 Engine 2 advised MCCC that the Fill Site has been Established at Heckman's. 0435hrs

UPDATE: 43-9-1 advised MCCC & 43-8-1 that they have a Fill Site setup at Camp Alice. 0444hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 requested MCCC contact the Red Cross, he has 4 Adults and One Child. 0511hrs

UPDATE: MCCC advised 35-7 that they have contacted the Red Cross and they should be contacting you shortly. 0516hrs

UPDATE: 27-8 advised MCCC that command has been turned over to 27-S-1 and Tanker 27-10 is returning to Quarters 0520hrs

UPDATE: Tanker 27-02 advised MCCC that they have returned to Quarters. 0522hrs

UPDATE: 43-9-1 asked MCCC if they can contact the Township Roadmaster to get a Salt Truck out on Evergreen Hollow as the road is iced up due to the tankers going back and forth between the fire and the fill site. 0555hrs

UPDATE: Brush 27-1 advised MCCC that they have been released by Fire Command, Tanker 27-6 will remain on scene. 0612hrs

UPDATE: Tanker 35 advised MCCC that they have been released and they are returning. 0632hrs

UPDATE: 27-9-3 advised MCCC that Station 27 is clear & available. 0640hrs

UPDATE: 23-9-1 advised MCCC that Station 23 is clear & available. 0707hrs

UPDATE: 43-9-2 advised MCCC that they can release EMS 8-21. 0727hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 advised MCCC that Station 35 is clear & available. 0731hrs

UPDATE: 43-8-1 advised MCCC that Station 43 is clear & available. 0748hrs

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