When you request something Basic and something Amazing happens, It’s a Wrap!

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP: Three Weeks before the West End Fair, a couple of Volunteers were discussing with the director of the West End Food Pantry (WEFP), Karena Thek, what to do with the two (2) Beverage Coolers to make them stand out. They discussed using contact paper on the sides and adding the West End Food Pantry Logo. The two Volunteers had the idea to reach out to Bay Image of Brodheadsville to see if they would consider donating vinyl wraps for the coolers. The ask was for a very Basic Wrap consisting of a light gray background, with the WEFP Logo on the top portion and Bay Image's Logo on the bottom portion noting that they donated their services.

An email was sent to Bay Image and without hesitation, they responded and were eager to help. They asked for pictures of the coolers, the dimensions of the areas to be wrapped, and the West End Food Pantry's Logo.

A few days went by, and the volunteers received an email back from Bay Image with a mock-up of the proposed layout for the coolers. The volunteers were beyond amazed at what was proposed as it was so much more than they expected. The volunteers then forwarded the graphic to Karena, and it was immediately accepted on Friday, August 12th. The below design is Bay Image's proposal.

On Thursday, August 17th, Erica from Bay Image and the installer arrived at the West End Food Pantry Food Stand at the West End Fairgrounds and wrapped the two (2) coolers. The design and installation was more than we could ask for. Karena and the volunteers can't thank Bay Image enough for their Wonderful Donation and the amazing graphic design.

The West End Food Pantry is beyond grateful not only for the donation by Bay Image but for the many donations they have received to make the food stand at the West End Fair possible.

The WEFP looks forward to seeing you at the fair where you can check the donated cooler wraps and enjoy the food they have to offer. Their stand is the only food stand that can say their food 'feeds twice'. Once when you buy your meal at the fair and once when the WEFP purchases food to give out to our friends and neighbors in need on WEFP distribution days that occur on the First and Third Saturday of each month.


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