Announcement from Christopher Eckert - Chestnuthill Township Pennsylvania Supervisor


The township road department will be out all day today and into the evening to keep township roads open. As with any storm, the priority will be main roads followed by development roads.

As this storm is predicted to yield between 4-6", it will be a fairly long duration storm. Keep in mind that Chestnuthill Township has over 150 miles (300 lane miles) of road to plow.

We ask for your patience and if you don't need to go out, please stay home and enjoy your nachos, wings or whatever Super Bowl snacks you'll be eating.

It's not likely that there will be power outages that will leave homes without heat due to this storm. But if this occurs, Chestnuthill Township may open shelters if power is out for an extended period.

If we do need to open shelters, the best way to find out if they are open and where they are is by subscribing to the Chestnuthill Township Mobile Alert System. Go to: to sign up for this FREE service (text charges depending on your mobile text plan may apply). By signing up, you receive up to date information on:

Township Emergencies;
Road Closures;
Road Construction;
Public Hearings;
Burn Bans;
Meeting Information;
Recycling Center Updates; and
Special Events.

Don't wait, sign up today!

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  1. Linda says:

    Thanks , Chris!
    Hope all is well with you and your family

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