Chimney Fire 1664 Dressage Dr, Effort

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP" 08:08 am What started as a Chimney Fire at 1664 Dressage Dr, Effort, quickly spread and turned into a fully involved dwelling fire in minutes. The caller stated that everyone is out of the dwelling.

West End Volunteer Fire Co. and West End Ambulance responding.

UPDATE: 08:16 am Fire OIC reports dwelling is fully involved

UPDATE: 08:17 am Fire OIC requested Polk Township Fire to respond.

UPDATE: 08:2o am Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Responding.

UPDATE: 08:23 am Fire OIC requesting the Township respond with plows and cinders.

UPDATE: 08:35 am Fire OIC requested a Tanker from Blue Ridge Hook and Ladder.

UPDATE: 08:35 am Fire asked Polk Township Fire to set up a fill site at Heckman's.

UPDATE: 08:41 am Fire OIC requested all arriving units to change to Fire Ground 1

UPDATE: 09:05 am Fire OIC reports that the fire is under control.

UPDATE: 09:09 am Fire OIC requested PPL for a full electric disconnect.

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