Fatal Motorcycle Accident Silver Spring Blvd and Greenzweig Rd Kunkletown

ELDRED TOWNSHIP: 7:07 pm There is a Motorcycle Accident (Vehicle vs Motorcycle) at Silver Spring Blvd and Greenzweig Rd in Kunkletown, the rider is down on the roadway and not breathing. He was is Traumatic Arrest and CPR in progress.

UPDATE: MCCC advised 28-8-1 that EMS has an Extended ETA and they contacted Carbon County to get an EMS unit out of Palmerton. 1908hrs

UPDATE: EMS 9-21 became available and MCCC redirected them to the Motorcycle MVA and canceled 11-24. 1911hrs

UPDATE: EMS 8-07 advised MCCC they are responding as QRS, MCCC advised them that Palmerton 7-67 and EMS 9-21 are enroute. 1915hrs

UPDATE: Palmerton 7-67 requested Air Medical be put on standby just in case. 1916hrs

UPDATE: 23-9-1 notified MCCC that per PSP Lehighton it's going to be a Class 5. 1919hrs

UPDATE: MCCC notified EMS 9-21 and Palmerton 7-67 that PSP Lehighton is calling it a Class 5, EMS 9-21 will continue in at a reduced rate as well as Palmerton 7-67 1919hrs

UPDATE: MCCC asked EMS 9-21 is they should release the Air Medical that is on Standby and EMS 9-21 agreed. 1920hrs

UPDATE: 28-8-1 requested Station 35 Fire Police to respond to close down Greenzweig and Silfies Rd and Borger Rd at Church Rd. 1920hrs

UPDATE: Station 28 units were instructed to close Silver Spring Blvd at Kunkletown Rd. 1922hrs

UPDATE: MCCC advised EMS 9-21 that they can cancel as per Palmerton 7-67. 1924hrs

UPDATE: Palmerton 7-67 notified MCCC that they are clear and returning to Carbon County. 1954hrs

UPDATE: 35-7 notified MCCC that Station 35 is clear and available from the assist with Station 28. 1954hrs

UPDATE: 28-8-1 notified MCCC that Station 28 is clear and available. 2213hrs

Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Co., Polk Township Volunteer Fire Co., West End Ambulance, Pocono Mountain Regional EMS, St. Lukes EMS, Palmerton EMS and PSP Leighton responded.

2 Responses

  1. T Byrne says:

    Cars turning in the path of motorcycles has become increasingly common. I both ride motorcycles and drive a car. When on two wheels I assume that the car driver is oblivious to me, but if the car turns right in front of me I am helpless. When I drive a car, I find it not difficult at all to see motorcycles. I am nearly 52 years old and still have no problem seeing motorcycles. Open your eyes people and please, put the cell phone down and stop playing with the screens on your dashboard.

  2. Melody Schessler says:

    That was my 24 year old son and we are devastated by this reckless act.

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