Motor Vehicle Accident, at the FNB&T Bank Rt 209 Gilbert

Photo by Dillon Kingsbury

Photo by Dillon Kingsbury

There is a Motor Vehicle Accident at the First Northern Bank & Trust Rt 209 Gilbert with injuries, in the FNB&T Bank Driveway.

Carol Logue and her fiance were sitting at the Stop sign waiting to exit the bank parking lot when a small vehicle traveling on Rt 209 swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle on Rt 209 when it T-Boned Carol's Jeep. 

Carol and her fiance were taken to the hospital via ambulance, she still has nightmares of the accident and is still suffering in pain from her injuries.

The insurance company totaled Carol's beloved Jeep due to the damage it received from being T-Boned in the side.

West End Volunteer Fire Co., West End Ambulance and State Police responded.

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  1. STEVE says:

    People need to slow down and stop driving aggressively that is what happens when u drive and text too many people talking on phones not paying attention

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