ROAD CLOSURE: Rt 115 and Foothill Blvd, Effort Added 3 Photos Provided by Jim Schlier of Schlier’s Towing

CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP: 11:25 am PSP Fern Ridge is Requesting West End Volunteer Fire Co. to Shut Down Rt 115 at Foothill Blvd while they try to remove that Tractor Trailer that went off the road into a ditch yesterday on Rt 115 South in the S Turns. PennDot is on the way to close down the other end, may be closed for a couple of hours.

UPDATE: PennDOT has Rt 115 closed at Allegheny Dr at the moment, PSP wants them to move it to Colleen Dr.

UPDATE: PennDOT has the Detour at the top of the hill going down Toll Rd to Russell Ct back to Rt 115.

UPDATE: 1:19 pm MCCC reports that PSP has re-opened Rt 115.

West End Volunteer Fire Co., PSP Fern Ridge, Schlier's Towing responded.

Photo by Steve Bower Jr.

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